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The Marjorie McClure Curriculum

Marjorie McClure  Curriculum


The curriculum is delivered through a combination of subject specific and cross-curricular sessions linked to themes derived from the National Curriculum and topics of interest. These lessons are delivered alongside specialist input which meets the physical, sensory and communication needs of our diverse cohort. We create curriculum maps for each mixed age class across the primary and secondary phases to ensure planned progression of skills and knowledge. The planning of the curriculum is linked to rolling cycles of topics to ensure full coverage is possible for students as they progress through the school. These topics are regularly reviewed to ensure compatibility with new directives and to make necessary improvements to the existing programme of work. Our curriculum is diverse and learners are assessed according to their individual strengths and needs. Developing pupil’s independence, their motivation as learners and their sense of responsibility as future citizens is at the heart of all teaching and learning. The staff at Marjorie McClure School work hard to inspire students by planning lessons that are both interesting and challenging. We believe that young people learn best when they are having fun, so all topics begin with exciting launch days, continue through engaging learning opportunities and are commemorated by celebration days that bring each topic to an end.


Curriculum Strands


There are five curriculum strands across our school - Foundation, Engage, Evolve, Explore and Further. Topics are assigned to age related phase groups, and it is the curriculum pathway that a pupil follows which determines how learning is delivered and assessed. Each of our curriculum strands are enriched through themed events, educational visits, guest speakers and residential trips - we firmly believe that real life experiences like these create lasting memories and strengthen pupils’ passion for learning about the world around them.


More information about our Curriculum and the 5 strands can be found in the Curriculum Booklet below

Curriculum Booklet September 2021