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Family Support




Hi Everyone,


 I would like to introduce myself, my name is Leigh Edwards and I am the new Family Liaison Officer (FLO).

I have been a member of staff for 14 years and have worked in all phases of the school. I have lots of experience of working and supporting students and families with various individual needs.


I am here to provide a link between families/carers and school with any issues concerns or worries that you may have in relation to supporting your children at school and home, offering emotional and practical support to the whole family in order to best support our pupils. I will be supporting the school to promote good attendance, if you struggle with getting your child into school, please contact me to see if I can offer any support.


 I will be able to refer families to the local Foodbank in times of crisis, I can offer support to fill in forms as some can be difficult to understand and confusing such as free school meals applications, transport applications etc.


 I can support you as parents/carers in a range of different ways, sometimes you might just want to have a chat particularly at these challenging times, please feel free to contact me. I am very approachable and will offer a friendly listening ear.

 I am in school every day my hours are:


Monday to Thursday:-07.45am to 2pm

Friday:- 07.45 am to 12pm

You can contact me on: - 0208 467 0174, Ext 224 or Mobile: - 07395 962229


If your child is absent from school for any reason, please could you email me via this address:- or your child’s form tutor by 8am, alternatively telephone the school office 0208 4670174.