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Aims and Mission Statement


Marjorie McClure School – Mission Statement 

Every member of our community deserves to be happy, safe and enjoy their learning;

Every member of our community is of equal value and deserves respect

Every member of our community plays their own part in making our school a success


Aims of our school in detail

We aim to ensure that all pupils achieve to the best of their individual abilities by:

Having high expectations of all pupils in their learning and behaviour

Building on successes and celebrating achievements

Setting precise and aspirational targets

Having a rigorous, systematic and analytical approach to monitoring progress and recording achievement

Providing nationally accredited courses for all secondary pupils


We aim to ensure that all pupils learn to overcome their barriers to success and become as independent as possible by: 

Involving pupils in managing their own learning and behaviour

Providing meaningful and relevant experiences to prepare pupils for adult life

Providing learning opportunities in and with the community

Using Wood Lodge living skills centre to provide residential experiences

Ensuring that all we identify the appropriate support, equipment and interventions required for individuals to learn effectively


We aim to ensure that all pupils are offered exciting, stimulating learning experiences by;


Having clear cross curricular themes to offer exciting planned experiences throughout the whole school

Using specialist subject leaders effectively

High quality planning to deliver effective lessons

Encouraging creativity and joint working by all staff

Extensive community links through sports, music and transition activities


We aim to ensure that all pupils receive a high level of specialist support for all their needs by;

Regularly reviewing and updating the needs of all pupils through specialist access plans

Giving a high priority to identifying specialist equipment and providing a high level of resources to all pupils

Being flexible in how we deliver teaching and creative about how pupils learn


We aim to ensure that all pupils are given every opportunity to develop their personal, social, moral and spiritual skills;

Encouraging self awareness, self evaluation and self management

Respecting every individual’s right to make their own choices where possible

Providing a wide range of different learning experiences involving other cultures

Promoting disability awareness and self advocacy for all

Providing high quality, consistent, positive behaviour management where appropriate


We aim to ensure that parents are treated as equal partners in their child’s learning by:

Listening to parents and their aspirations for their child

Ensuring good quality information on their child is available regularly

Collaborating with parents when setting learning objectives and IEP targets

Offering a wide range of opportunities to enable parents to visit the school and communicate with staff