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Subject Responsibilities

Responsibilities 2017-2018



Denise James – Mason                       Head Teacher / LLE/ Designated lead for Safeguarding and LAC /everything

Kathy Lewis                                         Deputy Head Teacher, Inclusion team manager/ ASD /Assessment systems and                                                                 analysis/ Curriculum /everything else

Laura Armitage                                   Assistant Head teacher for Assessment/ Communication /AAC/ ICT leader/                                                                         Intervention team manager /outreach/ everything left

Guy Wilkins                                         SLT / PE / Partnerships/Transport/ Outreach

Kirstie Byrne                                        SLT / Music / CPD/ Makaton trainer/ Well being /Parent and grandparent links                                                                     /outreach

Debbie Packer                                    SLT / Admin systems/ finance/ Health and safety/site management / Personnel                                                                  /HR

Jan Gluck                                           Head of Primary /Maths leader/ Nursing student mentor/ EYFS

Trevor Nagel                                       Head of FE /Maths leader / Accreditation

Ellen Worf                                           Science leader/ MAPA trainer

Grace McCullough                              PSHE leader / Healthy schools / life skills/FT

Lauren Hastings                                  English leader

Alison Parrott                                       English leader

Kirsty Fisher                                         PSHE leader / Curriculum / SRE

Antonia Howell                                    Humanities / RE leader – Art focus

Michael Newby                                    Humanities /RE leader – Drama focus

Alison Stringer (0.8)                             ICT leader

Aileen Coleman (0.6)                           Art and Design leader

Matteo Scumaci (0.5)                          ICT / Music Technology

Jackie Sanders  (0.6)                         Transition leader / Careers /WRL / Wood lodge

Kate Petty (0.4)                                   Class teacher/G3C joint tutor

Lorna Crust (0.4)                                 PLT for PE/ Swimming

Lindy Sanderson (specific days)         SLT specialist support

Antonia Cox (specific days)                Specialist support

ASA responsibilities

Theresa Lewis                                      Interventions /Communication/ ICT/AAC

Sue O Leary                                         Safeguarding /Parent worker/ volunteers

Cheryl Cosgrave                                  Transport /NVQ assessor / manual handling/ PE support/ Physical development

Tracy Lelliott                                         Inclusion programme at Glebe and Coopers / Clerk to governors /Wood Lodge

Julia Thomas                                        Interventions /Communication /ICT/AAC

Frances Driscoll                                   Health and safety/ site management

Michelle Tiedman                                TA Appraisal / CPD/ well being and Manual handling

Sandra Bartley                                     FE post 16 learning /life skills / travel training

Liz Bear                                                Interventions / communication/ICT/resources

Duncan McKelvin                                 Autism champion



ASA – Advanced Skills Assistant                                          LLE – Local Leader of Education

SLT – Senior Leadership Team                                              ASD – Autistic Spectrum Disorder

ICT – Information and Communication Technology             CPD – Continuing Professional Development

WRL – Work Related Learning                                              PSHE – Personal, Social and Health Education

FE – Further Education (our post 16 group)                          PLT – Primary Lead Teacher

AAC – Alternative and Augmentative Communication        NVQ – National Vocational Qualification