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Assistive Technology

The Assessment Centre is staffed by Laura Armitage, one of our Senior Leaders with two Advanced Skills Teaching Assistants and an ICT Technician. Together they assess individual pupils and determine the need for any specialist equipment and software that may be required to enhance and learning fully access the curriculum. This may take the form of specialist computer access equipment or for specialist augmentative and alternative forms of communication.

The Assessment Centre team also work closely with other professionals such as Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists and the Sensory Support Team and this ensures that there is a whole school approach to implementing advice received from other professionals.


Another important role for the Assessment Centre Team is to provide training for all staff in the use of equipment, software and communication systems so that solutions for pupils can be implemented across the school ensure and that as a whole school we are experts in all aspects of assistive technology.

The Assessment Centre also provides, organises familiarisation opportunities for staff from other schools through hosting visits and organising drop-in advice sessions.


Use of Computers

Technology plays a very important role in helping pupils at Marjorie McClure School achieve their potential. Pupils have access to PCs, laptops, an Eye Gaze computer, iPads and tablets, to support communication and help enhance their learning across the curriculum.


Computers for Writing

Every pupil is assessed to determine whether technology can help them overcome individual barriers to recording work.


Specialist Equipment

Specialist computers, keyboards, mice and software programs are recommended where appropriate and a wide range of access devices and supportive software is used. Up-to-date technology ensures that every pupil has access to a broad and stimulating curriculum.